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Several months later, after the first e-mail was sent, he replied, because he was touring as well, and he said he'd love to write the song.I'd wanted to work with him before he became One Republic, so it was a very big blessing to be able to work with him.An enraged insider took to the Internet to blast Nathan for cheating on Ady with Stephy, as well as criticize him for habitually exploiting his girlfriends’ connections to gain popularity.Ady and Nathan met and fell in love when they worked together on the mainland Chinese movie Rhapsody of Marriage , which was released in 2012.’, causing people to think that she is ready to end her relationship with Vanness.

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Moreover, he made a “7V” gesture before his dive, indicating his girlfriend’s nickname.An October Facebook status update of hers read, “I believe in God, I DON'T believe in man.”When asked for a comment, Vanness’s manager said, “We don’t ask about the what goes on between husband and wife, and she may not have been alluding to her marriage.Vanness has been in China since December filming the period drama The Princess Weiyoung and will conclude his work on the show in March.”The actor’s manager firmly denied Vanness and Arissa were getting a divorce.We've seen your K-pop-like promotional pictures for the new album, what's up with the new image?, French for ' Such is life', but instead of V-I-E it's just V, so it's ' Such is Vanness'. What am I, I am somebody who has been pretty much all over the place?

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